the galleries


The first of every month sees a new gallery added to the Phoenix site showing a variety of images taken by current members. 


Click on the June gallery feature photograph.

Coasting, by Robert France.


Quarterly on-line Critique Galleries have become a staple of the Phoenix R.P.C. Members can upload a maximum of two images to the gallery and the membership can appraise their work offering suggestions as to how they feel the image could be improved. This is complimented by a Zoom meeting where real time editing of the images and discussion takes place.


If this would be of interest you may wish to consider joining the Circle. Please go to the Contact page.


Existing members can log in by clicking on the image from the current Critique Gallery. 

Critique Gallery second quarter 2024


Images from members past and present are displayed in the Gallery Archive which runs from 2011.

To take a journey through the galleries just click on the picture.

Simple Pleasures, by Andrew Shenton.

Phoenix R.p.c.

Creative Railway Photography