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The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle

The main aim of the members of the circle is to produce creative and artistic images of non-steam subjects that are more visually interesting than the conventional front threequarter record shot.
The Circle operates in the main through a number of circulating postal portfolios. These move from member to member. On receiving a folio the member removes his/her images from the previous round and replaces them with new. Constructive comments are made about the images of other members of the folio. When completed the folio is sent on it's way to the next member. At any one time there are several folios in circulation. There is also an on-line members only critique folio that works similarly.
The Circle also operates on-line display galleries.

If you feel that you would like to participate in the activities of the Circle and your approach to the photography of non-steam railway subjects is in line with that of the Circle, get in touch with the circle secretary. Contact details will be found below.