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Welcome to Creative Railway Photography

The Circle was formed in 1970 – 71 to encourage alternative photography of what was then the 'modern' scene. Half a century later the Circle's aim remains the same: portraying the contemporary railway scene in an expanded pictorial or avant-garde style. In the spring of 1971 a system of postal circulating portfolios was  established, where members appraise and critique one anothers work. The first portfolios contained only
 black & white prints, but were soon supplemented by  
a colour transparency section, with its own portfolios.

HST at Largin Viaduct, by Jim Knight.

Signalman's duties at night, by Dafydd Whyles.

The arrival of digital photography led to a sea-change, and  today the print portfolios contain both colour and black & white work, and are supplemented by quarterly online  critique  portfolios containing  the same mix. In  recent years  the Circle’s activity has expanded into a monthly online display gallery that is visible to the public. Several successful exhibitions of members work have  been held  at venues such as the National Railway Museum, York, the Scottish Railway Exhibition  in  Bo'ness,  and the Bateman Gallery at Carnforth Railway Station. The Circle’s work ha s  been published  in  various enthusiast magazines over the years, and also in  book form under the editorship of founder and President A.W. (Wyn)  Hobson: Modern Rail Album, BR Diesels and Electrics Around Britain,
 and Trains of Thought.

In addition to an  Annual General Meeting,  at which policies and plans are discussed, occasional  social events are organised, including  visits to railway locations that present substantial photographic opportunities, and  workshop  sessions focusing on particular photographic techniques.  All members are encouraged to attend. Please feel free to browse through the galleries and articles, and also the
 ‘Phoenix Journal.

Light trails at Victoria, by Robert France.

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