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The Circle operates through a number of circulating postal portfolios. These move from member to member; some members belong to print folios, some to transparency folios (T), some to both. On recieving a folio the member removes his images from the previous round and replaces them with new. Constructive comments made by other members are noted and acted upon if they are favourable, or ignored if they are not! Constructive comments are then written in the folders of the other members. When completed the folio is sent on it's way to the next member. At any one time there may be five or six folios in circulation.

Galleries of images selected from the circulating portfolios

Folio C August 2014

Folio D November 2014

Folio C June 2015

Folio D October 2015

Folio A January 2017


To see images from earlier Portfolios go to the Gallery Archive