Phoenix RPC Exhibition Part 3

A Kenny 8

TITLE: "Trains and Tourists together at Weymouth"CAMERA: Mamiya 645 ProFILM: Provia 100 ASAEXPOSURE: 500 5,6ORIG: Scanned from a 645 tranny.DIGITAL MANIPULATION? NoneLOCO: 73138 pictured on the rear, with 73106 out of sight at the frontSERVICE: 1Z94 11:43 Weymouth Quay to Yeovil jcLOCATION: Weymouth QuayDATE: Sunday 2 May 1999REF: M85 9

COMMENTS: Train and tourists in perfect harmony, which went off without a hitch. This was, as far as I know, the last ever train to Weymouth Quay (?)