The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / M_Higginson_3
Exhibition: The Human Element


Martin Higginson

Chemin de Fer de Provence dmu at Puget-Theviers on a Nice Digne service on 21 August 1993 at c.19.00.
Taken on a Canon EOS620 with 50mm lens on Ilford XP2 at 1/125 @f11


M Higginson 3


I believe it was a signal or track failure somewhere, or another train; whichever, the line was unavailable and there was a long delay. I had walked up the route to find what had happened to the train I was expecting to see and photograph. (Martin)



This is better. Well executed shot of a sleepy station with lits of passengers waiting for something to happen. A general uncomplicated view which works. (Bob Avery)


Exotic, but.... (Ian Cowley)


Had it broken down? Everyone looks as if they are awaiting a decision. Good composition. (David Flitcroft)


Strange how everyone seems totally oblivious to the the train being there. Quite the opposite of all the other pictures! (Jonathan Cordle)