The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / M_Higginson_2
Exhibition: The Human Element


Returning from the Henley Regatta - the Eccentric on 1 July 2000.  Canon EOS650 on Fuji Sensia 200 at 1/125@f5.6

Martin Higginson

M Higginson 2


The gentleman was perfectly amiable and friendly, and keen to be photographed. (Martin)


Can't say over excited by this but not sure why. The train is nicely out of focus but I think the main figure suffers rather from having his feet missing. There's no connection between the figure - who is looking at you - and the train. (Bob Avery)


Well captured in obviously difficult light but doesn't tell as powerful a story as your other shot. (Ian Cowley)


Looks like he’s considering the desirability of assaulting you. The out of focus train gives a sense of place. What did he decide by the way? (David Flitcroft)


Another eccentrically English scene, again well captured. The small depth of field works well too (Jonathan Cordle)