The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / L_Nixon_1
Exhibition: The Human Element


Les Nixon

Lahore station in Pakistan, an Alco on the Khyber Mail on 4 January 1979

                            Pentax 6x7 + Kodak FP4


L Nixon 1
Full of interest. Exactly how I imagine an Indian railway station to be. No criticisms. (Bob Avery)

Splendid against the light shot. (Ian Cowley)

First class in all departments, exposure spot on and composition is excellent. The longer one looks at it the more there is to see. (David Flitcroft)


Very strong scene, absolutely teeming with human, railway and photographic interest. The strongly back-lit figures in the foreground are especially of note. (Martin Higginson)


Superb pictorial work, excellent lighting, could not be improved (Geoff Dowling)


Again illustrates how well backlighting works with people. Brilliantly captured scene (Jonathan Cordle)