The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / John_Whitehouse_2
Exhibition: The Human Element


The fishing contest! A class 323 on a local stopping service from Wolverhampton passes Oldbury in the heart of the Black Country.

John Whitehouse


John Whitehouse 2
Not too happy with this one. Like the idea but there is insufficient light on the train to make it stand out. Also the figures on the towpath add little to the overall scene, dominated by British monogloom. (Bob Avery)


Great idea. Difficult light conditions but perhaps a view from behind the fisherman would have made them more prominent. (Ian Cowley)


Interesting sky and the light highlights the unit well. The canal does tend to take the eye through the shot to nowhere in particular. I’m tempted to suggest a trim to the right and the base to emphasise the compositional relationship between the fisherman and the train. (David Flitcroft)


The fishermen are not visible enough ‘all in a line’ as they are. A view from further to the left might have silhouetted them against the canal, with the train behind, and got rid of the excessive empty expanse of water that dominates the scene. Nice lighting (Martin Higginson)


I like this, the fishing contest is in full swing under the usual Black Country threatening sky. I think we could lose the building from the right hand side to tighten up the composition (Geoff Dowling)


A good scene with dramatic lighting and well timed. The eye has to hunt for the train and the people as the water tends to dominate just a bit too much (Jonathan Cordle)