The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / I_Cowley_2
Exhibition: The Human Element


A class 45 has detached from its early evening arrival at St Pancras as passengers stream by. March 1976.

Ian Cowley




I Cowley 2
I see what you are after here but for me I'm not sure it works, as I find the shadowy ghostly figures a bit OTT. I'd have preferred it with only slightly ghosted figures rather than this, where the spooks detract somewhat from the overall picture. (Bob Avery)


This one I find most effective, the shadowy moving figures give the shot a feeling of urgency . (David Flitcroft)


The ghostly people really don’t come off. Feet only and ethereal bodies. (Martin Higginson)


So many photographers would wait for the people to go but your choice of shutter speed and timing brilliantly shows to rush to get on the next stage of their journey (Jonathan Cordle)