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Exhibition: The Human Element

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Who's the odd man out? Accident near Worcester in summer 1971.
Looking out of my window on a bright Sunday morning in July 1971 I saw a 'Peak' with a short train slowly approaching Worcester on the ex GW line about half a mile away when it stopped, rather suddenly I thought.
Later I saw the coaches had gone but the loco was still there so went to investigate and learned that D 17 and at least one coach had derailed. The coaches had been rerailed and they were rerailing the loco by placing rails on their side in front of the wheels. The photo is of the gang heaving one of the rails in place. I wonder if one of the gang thinks that they are all facing the wrong way except him! D 17 was eventually winched forward with the flanges in the groove on the side of the rail until they met up with the main track.
Location - Ex GW main line between Norton Junction and Worcester, Shrub Hill
Weather - Cloudy bright,
Camera - Rolleicord Va
Lens - Xenon f3.5
Film - HP4
Exposure - 250th, f8, light yellow filter
Developer - Definol.

Ellis James-Robertson

E James-Roberston 1
A dated scene of what is presumably a rerailing operation, and not a hi-viz vest in sight. The composition is excellent but the print looks a trifle flat to me, with more contrast required all round. (Bob Avery)


What a splendid group and a fine historical record of labour intensive pw work. Only pity is the tree by the loco cab. (Ian Cowley)


What an excellent vintage scene, and look at all that expensive manpower. (David Flitcroft)


1V80 doesn't look as if it is going anywhere. Splendid period piece no high-vis jackets or multi-million pound track machines to be seen. The picture really needs a top trim to half that empty sky (Geoff Dowling)


This really looks like a scene from the steam era, which it almost is. My only criticism is that you can’t actually see that the engine’s derailed. (Martin Higginson)


just shows how the workforce has changed! This would be a scene og high vis orange today and that's assuming you'd be allowed near enough to get the picture!well done (Jonathan Cordle)