The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / D_Pearce_2
Exhibition: The Human Element


Up slow on the Down Slow - a platelayer 200 mils from Edinburgh at Beningborough on the East Coast Mainline on 10 April 1990
                             Mamiya C330F+135mm on Kodak Tri-X at 1/250th @ f5.6

"It's a long walk for a platelayer. I could see him half a mile up the track - treading carefully, a pause here and there to adjust this or that. Must have been all of twenty minutes by the time he passed, almost as absorbed as I was - had he really come from Edinburgh?"

Dave Pearce


D Pearce 2
This guy has a long walk ahead of him - perhaps he's going to protest at the G8 summit. Well seen and well executed, but spoilt by a mark of some sort in the sky above the yellow sign. Wonder if it would have worked better as a landscape, but not certain. (Bob Avery)


Nicely caught. Slight trim at top might help. (Ian Cowley)


Well seen. I’d like the space to the right of the last upright removed as it has nothing of note in it and does nowt for the composition. (David Flitcroft)


It it is a very long walk to Edinburgh! This was photographed at just the right moment, a good composition and humorous as well. I do hope that this was not an enthusiast trespassing on the track though. (Geoff Dowling)


Acle is Norfolk: isn’t this ALNE? Often-seen signs, but not usually pictured together in this way, and the well-placed railwayman completes the picture. (Martin Higginson)


Brilliant. One tiny figure in this picture just makes all the difference! (Jonathan Cordle)