The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / D_Flitcroft_1
Exhibition: The Human Element



Scarborough, Saturday 11th August 1979.
The 08.32 train from Halifax to Bridlington, formed by two BRCW class 104 3-car units, arrives at a platform 3 which is crowded with holiday makers awaiting their onward connection to Filey or Bridlington.
Minolta Autocord twin lens reflex camera, tri-x film, 1/60th f8

David Flitcroft


D Flitcroft 1
Fabulous picture, full of interest. Glad I'm not travelling that day! Er... where is it? Bridlington? Llandudno? Scarborough?
I'm sure that's my Auntie Gladys 43rd from the left on Platform 2 ! (Bob Avery)


Simple but most effective. (Ian Cowley)


What a splendid evocation of the times when people could use the train to go on holiday. Fine composition where all the elements of roof, track and platform edges lead straight to the centre of interest (Geoff Dowling)


Fashions in clothing and luggage have changed since the 70s: not a wheeled suitcase in sight. Classic view of holiday crowds. (Martin Higginson)


Excellent. A Grand station looking very busy. Stopping the train early enhances the scene without dominating the picture (Jonathan Cordle)