The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / C_Dyke_2
Exhibition: The Human Element


Emu on the Aigle-Leysin line in Switzerland as it climbs to Leysin through the vineyards. Figure in front is my son Robert taking a breather

Chris Dyke


C Dyke 2
This is better. Aigle-Leysin line if I'm not mistaken. Boy looking at train is nice, but having his feet cut off unfortunate, as is lack of depth of field whch throws the train out rather too much. Surely at the slow speed a slower shutter speed would have enabled the whole scene to be sharp (Bob Avery)


Although a large gap between boy and train this hangs together better - only one person - who is looking at the train and the lines in the field link the two. (Ian Cowley)


Fine strong composition. The white clothes of the boy and the white train bond to produce a very pleasing image (Geoff Dowling)


The boy watching the train is good. Are his feet on the tranny under the mount. If so we need to see them. (David Flitcroft)


The gap between the two subjects is too wide – and the lack of focus of the train and fields is most distracting. Needs much greater depth of focus. (Martin Higginson)


Why did I walk here when I could of come by train? just crop the bag off to the right and can we see all the boys feet? (Jonathan Cordle)