The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / C_Davis_1
Exhibition: The Human Element


Cuba 1996 - shunting the sugar cane fields.

Chris Davis

Good use of differential focus. The feel of Cuba's now virtually vanished steam operation is well caught, but... er...... Isn't steam supposed to be taboo in the Phoenix? (Bob Avery)


Excellent differential focus shot. Slight pity that the guy on the loco was also wearing a white shirt. (Ian Cowley)


Great portrait shot this, the 3 figures really interact pictorially, I think Marlboro' man with the hat is priceless! Maybe a trim to the right to remove the white oblong would work (Geoff Dowling)


First class human interest, particularly the fag; but isn’t that a kettle I see lurking in the background? (David Flitcroft)


Excellent portrait, but it is not all that clear that this is a train or that he is a shunter. (Brian Morrison.)

The background is just a bit too much out-of-focus, but it is well recognisable as a train. The character of Cuba is well portrayed here. (Andy Taylor.)

Amongst all the procession of trains that appear in the folios, this is a refreshing change - an excellently composed picture even if it is not obvious that he has any railway connections. (Anthony Guppy.)


Pleasant as this is, in a coffee-table-bookish way, I recommend we don’t use it in the Exhibition, as the show is meant to demonstrate Phoenix’s ability to make interesting rail photos without steam present (Martin Higginson)


Looks like the boss has a smoke while the workers work! well observed scene and good use of narrow depth of field (Jonathan Cordle)