The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / C_Burton_1
Exhibition: The Human Element


HST, Mallard pub and a very thirsty car

Chris Burton

What a truly superb picture, with the front of the HST, doing probably a good 125 mph, stopped in EXACTLY the right place. The preoccupation of the motorist (accomplice of yours?) is well caught as well. I wonder if the effect of the picture would have been the same if the whole of the petrol pump had been included. (Bob Avery)


Great counterbalance between bottom left and top right corners. (Ian Cowley)


This is superb. The big American car being filled in the strongest position in the foreground and the train passing by in the distance, I'm reminded of the work of O Winston Link. The telephone box holds the eye in on the right (Geoff Dowling)


One wonders how long your accomplice stood with the nozzle in place before the train came along. All nicely arranged and it works well. Just needs a tad more on top and bottom but very good in any case. You posed those bits of literature didn’t you, come on admit it. You’ve seen the possibilities, organised things and come up with a very good result. (David Flitcroft)



The signs of careful planning are here to see: but where was the picture taken from? An upstairs window? Up a ladder? In a lorry cab? A darker coloured car would stand out better, and it’s a shame the petrol prices are not more prominent (Martin Higginson)


Perfectly executed. very English bar the car! The pub, phone box and the old rural type filling station add loads of interest to the scene. (Jonathan Cordle)