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Exhibition: The Human Element


Bob Avery

Scotch Mist September 1991

Most people on seeing this photo presume I've sandwiched two negatives together. Well, not so ! I took the camera with me on an afternoon stroll to the bridge when conditions were rather misty. I heard a train rumbling overhead and lifted the camera. I didn't notice the bystander looking up at the train. As I pressed the shutter I was aware that a seagull had flown in front of me at the crucial moment. I commented to my wife, who was standing next to me, that the picture was a waste of time thanks to the seagull. Only on developing the film later and examining each negative did I realise that the seagull was perfectly positioned and sharp! I entered it in a local camera club competion as a result of much encouraging comments from fellow members, but the judge said he "couldn't see the point of the train being there".From memory, it was taken witha Minolta X-300 with 50mm lens on Kodak TMax 400 film.



Bob Avery 1

A beautiful 'mood' picture. You were very lucky with your seagull! Even though the figures are distant they form a vital part of the composition, the train is well placed although it is almost incidental to the picture. (Geoff Dowling)


Gull more prominent than the human interest but a beautifully atmospheric shot (Ian Cowley)


The murky weather conditions are well portrayed here and help to produce a very atmospheric shot. I wonder if it would be better with a small amount trimmed from the bottom. (David Flitcroft)


An absolute classic. A perfect illustration of depth of field, as the elements fade into the mist. And an object lesson for people who put away their camera’s when the sun’s not out (Martin Higginson)


Good for the gull to turn on time! A good picture of the Firth Bridge in typical weather with the added human and ornithological interest too. (Jonathan Cordle)