The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / A_Taylor_2
Exhibition: The Human Element


Waiting for time.  The guard checks his watch ready for the departure from Marple for Manchester. August 2001. Canon EOS 5. 100mm f2.0 lens. auto exposure at 1/250. Fuji Provia 100ASA slide film.

Andy Taylor 2

A Taylor 2

Again well seen and well caught. Exactly the right moment. Pity the weather looks to have been dull - some sunlight would have lifted it into the masterpiece category. (Bob Avery)


This is a simple, well composed picture. The figure is in a strong position in the diagonal 'corridor' formed by the train roof and the white platform edge, the frame effect is enhanced by the fall off in definition at the top and bottom (Geoff Dowling)


Beautifully timed! (Ian Cowley)


‘When is this damned train going to leave’ Very well seen you must have reacted quickly to this opportunity to have produced such a fine picture. (David Flitcroft)


The moment caught just right. Was this set up, or spontaneous and immaculately timed? (Martin Higginson)