The Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle / A_Taylor_1
Exhibition: The Human Element


Chips.  A traveller takes a snack whilst waiting for his train at St Pancras.  6 June 1998. Canon EOS 5. 100mm f2.0 lens. auto exposure. Fuji Sensia 100ASA slide film

Andy Taylor 1

Terrfic shot. Captures the Yuppy-look-down-your-nose menatlity perfectly. Surprised he's travelling by train - people like this usuaully drive BMWs. Perhaps he's been disqualified for speeding. Perfectly caught - excellent Candid. Composition perfectly balanced. (Bob Avery)


The figure looks a tad uncomfortable perched on that rail with his evening meal! This is an excellent shot with very good depth of field control. The eye is held in the centre of the composition by the figure looking at the HST sets as they, in turn, look at him. (Geoff Dowling)


Good differential focus and well composed - but what is he clutching? (Ian Cowley)


Very well seen. The out of focus front ends in the background place this as a railway shot. Very good stuff. (David Flitcroft)


Singing for his supper? The now-being-replaced Midland Mainline livery was very photogenic. This is reminiscent of a scene from Harry Potter, as if our subject has just flown down on to his perch. (Martin Higginson)


Perfect candid, very good use of narrow depth of field. Don't they have seats for the public at St.Pancras? (Jonathan Cordle)