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68's at sunset

Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle

Est. 1970 - 71

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50 Years of Phoenix RPC

The Nineties gallery

66140 loading up at Hatfield colliery , by Les Nixon.

Refreshment at Reading, by Geoff Gillham.

This way to the beach, by Geoff Gillham.

60061 descends Norman Bank with a Peak Forest to Washwood Heath working, by Les Nixon.

37074 on the Stud Farm branch, by Les Nixon.

Sunshine and Shadow at Reading, by Geoff Gillham.

Hitachi Class 24 24116 on the night train to Singapore at Kuala Lumpa, by Les Nixon.

Passengers drift awy from Lympstone station as does the Met Cam unit, by Geoff Gillham.

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