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50 Years of Phoenix RPC

The Seventies

Snapshot from the 70's

  • Formation of the Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle.

  • Beeching closures continue although at a slower pace than the previous decade.

  • British Rail Engineering Limited (BREL) is created.

  • TOPS (Total Operating Processing System) changes the classification system for locomotives and units.

  • The HST arrives on the scene outsting the much loved Deltics from the East Coast Main Line.

  • The first Phoenix book 'Modern Rail Album' is published closely followed by 'BR Diesels and Electrics Around Great Britain'.

A Pair of Class 25's pass Ferryhill with an Edinburgh to Aberdeen service, by Les Nixon.

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The Eighties

1980's gallery

Wylye Valley Winter, by Geoff Gillham.

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Snapshot from the 80's

  • 'Trains of Thought', the third Phoenix book is published.

  • The IC225 East Coast Main Line project is authorised.

  • Electrification reaches Norwich on the Great Eastern Main Line and Bedford on the Midland Main Line.

  • Sectorisation is introduced, a pre-cursor to Privatisation.

  • The Seprell Report recommends hefty line closures which were thankfully not realised.

The Nineties

Snapshot from the 90's

  • Phoenix celebrates 25 years of creative railway photography.

  • The Railways Act 1993 was introduced and the British Railways Board was broken up.

  • The Wharfdale line in West Yorkshire was electrified.

  • The Pendolino arrived on our shores.

  • CrossRail was cancelled, or maybe just put on hold.

  • Railtrack was formed and Privatisation was complete by 1997.
1990's gallery

Stourton Freightliner, by Les Nixon.

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The Noughties

2000's gallery

Front Ends, by Ian Cowley.

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Snapshot from the Noughties

  • Railtrack collapses and the state owned Network Rail is created.

  • Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) opened to St Pancras now referred to as HS1.

  • Passenger loadings continue to increase on the new privatised railway.

  • HS2 to connect London and the Midlands with a second phase to the north-west and north-east is announced.

  • Open Access Operators emerge.


The 20-10's

Snapshot from the Twenty-Tens

  • The Carbon Tax causes the collapse of coal by rail for electricity generation.

  • The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) spells the end for the much maligned Pacer.

  • A myriad of new freight operators make inroads on the business of the main three operators.

  • Highest number of passenger journeys recorded since 1920.

2010's gallery

Chicargoland, Michael Baker.

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The 20-20's

The 2020's

Morning departure, Stephen Veitch.

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Snapshot from the Twenty-Twenties

  • Phoenix celebrates 50 years of innovative railway photography with the publication of '50 Years of Phoenix'.

  • The Pandemic reduces passenger rail travel to the lowest level
    for generations.

  • Rail Freight services continue to expand playing on their green credentials.

  • HS2 breaks ground and construction begins.

  • CrossRail, now the Elizabeth Line, is due to open.

50 Years of Phoenix is now available from Mortons Books.

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50 Years of Phoenix book cover

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